Best Coast: Crazy For You

California: state of surfers, slackers and hazy pop. It’s also the home of Beth Consentino, cat-loving frontwoman of Best Coast. With a little bit of help from her friend Bobb she’s slowing causing an underground storm based around her lovelorn, ambling gem of a record.

First single “Boyfriend” is simply a joy to listen to: it’s a smash-together of clashing cymbals, slightly weepy guitars and Beth’s vocals. As on every track on this album she sounds like she’s singing in a cave, which adds a mysterious, but quintessentially Californian, charm to her songs. Her voice is instantly likable even if her singing about getting a girl “out of the picture” throws up some interesting mental images. It’s effortless, holding the songs together.

The title track is less than two minutes of sunshine, gone as quickly as it came. You’ve got to hand it to Best Coast: they know when to end a song. They don’t drag things out longer than necessary, never stretching songs past their sell-by-date. “Crazy For You” is a perfect example: it’s just the right length. If it was three minutes the whole thing would probably drag. Clever onions: keeping our attention with short songs. Why didn’t anyone else think of that sooner? Well okay, they did that years ago: years ago, precisely about the time you’ll think this record was plucked from.

Lyrically, the band isn’t anything to write home about. Beth is content to croon about boys, ones she’s loved and others who she hasn’t been so lucky about (although she says she might expand her horizons for the next album). But to be honest, this doesn’t seem to matter. When you’re faced with an album full of sunbeams of surf-pop that barely lasts two minutes then does it really matter that it’s all about the same subject? I don’t think so. But if you want some strange mental images, replace Beth’s boys with her beloved cats. It’s just as sugary sweet.

What else is there to say? I think that about covers it. I don’t need to tell you any more about this album than I already have. It’s just lovely to listen to, will raise a bit of a smile and make you wish you were one of those bleach-blonde surfers from California. Enjoy.


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