‘Bad Taste’ Collaborations? More Like Sour Grapes…

27 Jun

Perhaps it’s all fatigue and frustration after their second album got a wee bit of a critical bashing, but indie-lite band The Drums have hit out at fellow musicians making collaborations ‘in bad taste.’ Hmmm…. Something’s not quite right here.

Johnathan Pierce, the band’s frontman, told the NME that “there’s too many collaborations these days that have big dollar signs all over it – even inside of the indie culture. You know, like, bands teaming up and making sort of an indie power duo or something like that? It’s just bad taste.” Oh, and he kind of just left it there, leaving us to do the donkey work and figure out who’s doing these terrible collaborations that are the scourge of the indie scene and destroying non-chart music. They should be wiped from the face of the earth!

… Whoever they are. I’m struggling to think of any definitive ‘indie power duo’ – I can only think of collaborations in the mainstream market (Coldplay and Rihanna, anyone?). Perhaps if you count people like Major Lazer collaborating with Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman to great effect? Or does Pierce mean bands formed from other bands such as The Dead Weather? If that’s the case then he’s apparently working with Alison Mosshart on a soundtrack to a new ballet… Perhaps Pierce needs to step back and think before he makes such wild statements and actually think of some agreeable examples to back up his claims. Otherwise it just looks like attention-seeking nonsense.


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