Chairlift // Met Before

26 Jan

Chairlift are back after four years and have released their second LP Something. This is one of the first songs to be released from the album and fans of their debut LP Does You Inspire You will notice that while Caroline Polachek’s breathy, fuzz-surrounded vocals remain and they’re still floating somewhere in the orbit of psychedelia, the band have a bit more of a positive tone. Oh, and try not to think that ‘Bruises’ was too positive – have a really good listen to the lyrics and then you might think twice about how sunny that little i-Pod advertiser was. By contrast, ‘Met Before’ is one of those ‘walking down the street, feeling good and smiling away’ tunes, both catchy and indie without alienating any of the original fans (and as a massive fan of their debut, I can safely say that I’m very excited for Something). ‘Met Before’ is definitely more accessible than ‘Sidewalk Safari’, though that is no less invigorating and still causes a brilliant thrill. January 2012 is looking to be a bit less dead than usual, if only because these guys are back.

Something is out on the 24th January


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