The Weeknd // Montreal

9 Jan

If you’ve never really listened to The Weeknd before then this is as good as any place to start. ‘Montreal’ is taken from the Canadian R’n’B man’s third and, apparently, last mixtape, Echoes of Silence (released, ironically, almost silently over Christmas – even Pitchfork only got round to reviewing it a couple of days ago). It’s a bit melancholy, slightly spcaed out but still very noticeable of its genre. You can’t help but notice that this isn’t a normal kind of break-up song either. ‘Montreal’ is all you you you rather than me me me: the amount of times the significant other is referenced like a member of the dark side is numerous, but this just adds to its slightly emotionally punishing nature. But if you listen hard enough, you might hear the faint French in the background: ‘I was crying, I wasn’t crying’ adds the sense of vulnerability. But the Weeknd are good at this. Often they’re deeper than how they appear on the surface, and ‘Montreal’ is a perfect introduction to these hidden lairs.

Echoes of Silence is out now (and a review will be coming shortly!)


One Response to “The Weeknd // Montreal”

  1. Pie January 10, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

    Not bad at all. Although there are a lot of vocal layers and a heavy drumbeat, it sounds really clean. In fact I would say it could work equally as well, or even better without the main vocals, which I have to say annoyed me a bit. He should lay off the AutoTune.

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