Joan As Policewoman // Chemmie

3 Aug

On her most recent LP The Deep Field, Joan Wasser decided it was time to ditch the dark and reflective tone of her previous efforts to show that she still believed in romanticism. It also saw her return to picking up a guitar, a much more visceral instrument compared to the wistful piano she employed on To Survive. Her latest single ‘Chemmie’ shows off what Joan does best: laid-back, sultry rock that could easily soundtrack any indie-type’s lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s not easy-listening, but a lovingly nuanced song that seems to glide over you effortlessly despite the fact that each tone in Joan’s voice seems to have been meticulously planned, like every little intonation means something, lifting ‘Chemmie’ from being any old song to something of beauty.

‘Chemmie’ is out August 1st. Joan As Policewoman’s LP ‘The Deep Field’ is out now.

This piece was originally written by me for FreedomSpark.


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