TEETH!!! // Care Bear

19 Jul
You can describe the latest single by TEETH!!! in three and a half words: noisy, bombastic electro-pop. ‘Care Bear’ seems like an almost ironic title for a song that lulls you into a false sense of security before pounding you in the face with screaming vocals and fuzzy synths and crashing cymbals turned all the way up to eleven. Oh, and there’s a complete change of melody thrown in halfway through just in case you were somehow getting bored. It’s a massive bear-hug of fun that doesn’t take itself overly seriously – like a medley of 8-Bit samples it is both retro and modern in a kind of Crystal Castles way. Unlike the Canadian duo though this seems more accessible through the fact that this sounds like it was recorded for fun instead of trying to be intense or overly serious. The records that seem effortless are the best ones though, right?
This article appears on FreedomSpark Online

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