Preview // Dark Souls

13 Jul

Do you have a PlayStation 3? Are you are a fan of challenging adventure games? Then chances were that back in June of last year you might well have picked up Demon’s Souls, widely considered to be one of the hardest games ever created. It was hailed as a triumph of old-school action-adventure game-play combined with a fiendishly challenging difficulty level where even the most experienced of players would find it hard to stop dying. Essentially, it was a lesson in perseverance: get past the constant knockouts and eventually you would succeed and feel quite proud of yourself at the same time.

Just a year later a spiritual sequel is being lined up. Dark Souls might not be connected to its predecessor in terms of plot, but the people at Namco Bandai are set to outdo themselves once again. Worryingly, this sequel is said to be even harder to play, with online players being able to see each others’ deaths and enemies becoming more aware of tactics and inventive rather than just mindlessly attacking the player. The game will also feature an open-world environment where the player is free explore the world at their leisure – or their own peril, depending on how you see it.

Perhaps the most exciting addition though is simply a hardware one. Instead of being confined to the PlayStation 3, Dark Souls is set to unleash its demons on to the Xbox 360 as well, offering a whole new audience the opportunity to take on the challenge that this series offers.

The sequels to Dragon Age and Portal earlier this year were worthy additions to their franchises but despite their merits – Portal 2 in particular boasting an intelligent plot and genuinely witty script – they lacked a little something in the challenge department. Both could also be completed in less than 20 hours by a decent player, making Dark Souls a tantalising prospect for those looking for an adventure sequel they can really get their teeth into. All signs suggest that this installment will be devilish.

Dark Souls is released on October 7th on Namco Bandai

This article appears in Faux Magazine Online


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