Scarlet’s Adventures In Channel Surfing: Adele

27 Mar

What is the BIG idea with Adele? Can someone PLEASE explain to me why she is so beloved to everyone? Can ANYONE explain why she apparently has an excellent voice? Is it REALLY just because she wrote that semi-emotional song that is a reworking of tunes done many-a-time before? OR is it because she’s permanently everywhere and completely inescapable??

Here’s are my Top 3 reasons why Adele’s prescence on the telly annoys me no end:

  1. She won’t go away: Basically, everytime I channel hop to any of the music channels that aren’t Kerrang or Scuzz she’s there, in your face, screaming away in that way she does and it just doesn’t stop. It doesn’t help that two of her songs are curretly riding high in the charts so she’s a permanant fixture on The Box, 4Music, VIVA, and MTV Hits all day every day. I’m afraid to look…
  2. She’s shouty: I dunno who thought that Adele had a decent voice, but it certainly didn’t warrant any comparisons with Dusty or Billie, the true greats of the soul classic. Nope, Adele is undoubtedly the closest thing Britain has to a modern version alongside Amy Winehouse but that doesn’t mean 21 is anywhere near as good as Dusty In Memphis. Get a grip
  3. She covered The Cure: I’m sorry but everytime I see her I’m reminded of the fact that she did a Bossa Nova version of the Cure’s beautiful Lovesong. Now she just needs to do an acappella version of Son of a Preacher Man and her musical life would be complete

This may all seem very petty but I just. Don’t. Get. It.

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