Austra // Lose It

25 Mar

When I found a video to go with this amazing song from Canadian band Austra I found the most annoyingly inane comment in the form of “wow it’s like Marina and the Diamonds and Florence + the Machine” had a baby. Er, okay. What next, comparisons with Bat for Lashes and PJ Harvey? Because they’re generally around the corner…. The reason this comment annoyed me so much was because Austra are so much better than Marina and Flo put together – seriously! Until a month or so back the band were flagging in the wastes of the unknown trying to battle against the prevailing winds but after a couple of releases, including this, they could be well on their way to having a massive underground hit.

Inane comment number two: “I thought she was singing Lose You and not Lose It”. Well, does it really honestly matter? It’s like when Glasser sings “Home” over and over again and the words lose all meaning and feeling to great effect: with Austra the blending of the words and sometimes their indecipherability are all part of the charm. Besides, the song is called ‘Lose It’ and what better way to do that than to get your vocals in a jumbled yet hypnotic mess?

Putting all of this to one side, if you don’t fall head over heels for this track then I don’t know what’s gone wrong with the world. Like Cults they’ve got a really sweet side but there’s something lurking underneath the water and whatever they’ve got up their sleeves for the album (due in May) we’re in for a treat.


3 Responses to “Austra // Lose It”

  1. Pie April 3, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

    I like it!

    I can see why Florence has been mentioned because the voice of the lead singer here has a similar vibrato. However, I would say this more than stands up on its own. If anything, I can hear an 80s electronica vibe in it (OMD? Eurythmics?)and it is rather haunting. I can see some decent remixes going really well with this, if it hasn’t been done already.

    Just tried to find it on Spotify. It’s not there. I’ve added one of the other tracks instead.

  2. Megan Rozell August 1, 2011 at 2:21 am #

    I just came across this song and am currently doing a review on it for my blog. Doing some research, I came across your review and what you say is very true. Austra is original – not comparable to a mixture of two other artists.


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