Scarlet’s Adventures In Channel Surfing: Nicki Minaj

24 Mar

I’m very, very intrigued by Nicki Minaj. I don’t know what it is – actually, it’s probably the very strong meds I’m on at the minute that’s making me all delirious, tricking me into believing that I’m a Nicki Minaj fan. But actually, it’s probably all to do with her image, and the message she gives out with it.

Just like when I had a look at Jessie J, I also did a bit of research into Nicki Minaj and found someone pretty affable and understandable. She made up imaginary friends when she was little to get away from the realities of life – plenty of kids do that and can relate to it. Best of all though, she doesn’t want an ultra-sexualised image to accompany her, and says it’s better to have a good personality than to look sexy. That probably explains Minaj’s look in all of her videos, three of which I’ve seen this week through the power of the remote.

Actually, when I notice that there’s a Nicki Minaj video on I don’t mind leaving it on that channel to watch the entirety of it. I actually quite like her very old-school approach to hip-hop that kind of reminds me a bit of classics like Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill. It’s that stripped-back approach where less is more that her contemporaries could really learn from. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not exactly sure if I could listen to a whole album’s worth of her material in the same way as say, Janelle Monae, but if this came on the tellybox…

… Then I may well not turn over. Hell, this is a very pretty video indeed, but then again I’m partial to anything even remotely Japanese-themed. There we have it: a slightly confused, a bit bamboozled, a little bit weak explanation of why Nicki Minaj is helping to keep me a bit sane right now. Thanks Nicki.


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