James Blake // The Wilhelm Scream

13 Feb

Do you know what The Wilhelm Scream actually is? In 1953 there was a film called The Charge at Feather River and in it a character called Wilhelm gets shot in the thigh (painful) and screams – well, it was more of a yelp really but quite distinct. Anyway, since then there’s been a slew of films that almost joke about the Wilhelm Scream, including Star Wars. Yep, 1953 caused a screaming phenomenon that’s been emulated by all sorts of folk, whether completely seriously or as an inside joke.

But enough of that film lesson for now: that’s because despite the title new dubstep hero doesn’t actually use the Wilhelm Scream in this song, despite intelligently naming this track after that technique. Instead, this goes back to what Blake does best: producing. He’s not really a songwriter, more of a magician who weaves together enchanted cloth to make the best dubstep you can think of. Okay, not everyone enjoys the pauses and slowness and how it doesn’t have a killer hook but who gives a crap when you’ve got something so mature and beguiling? Enjoy it. Don’t get shot in the thigh though.


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