The Radio Dept. // Heaven’s On Fire

11 Jan


Well, the accompanying album to ‘Heaven’s On Fire’ (Clinging To A Scheme) came out last year and was something of a nice underground success: why I’m featuring here is because the band are releasing a retrospective of their singles and B-Sides called Passive Aggressive next month (the 7th, to be precise). ‘Heaven’s On Fire’ is my favourite song by the band: I actually think that it has the feel of something by the Avalanches, with that voice-over in the beginning leading to a euphoric melody and some lush vocals. It really is sunny, something I appreciate during this unusually harsh winter weather. Check it out:

Also, there’s some activity from Radio Dept. member Daniel Tjaden and Marcus Joons, aka Korallreven, released a 30-minute mixtape a few weeks ago to great acclaim: but really you should read this in-depth interview that The Line Of Best Fit did with Joons. It’s really insightful!


One Response to “The Radio Dept. // Heaven’s On Fire”

  1. La Musique January 14, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    These guys are great. I just wrote a post on them on my blog. I hope they start to gain more international recognition.

    The Radio Dept. @ La Musique

    — La Musique

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