Twin Shadow // Castles In The Snow

3 Dec

If you could see where I live then you’d get why I’m featuring this song: I’m surrounded by at least half a metre of snow all around with no definition between the road, the kerb and the raised green. It’s been there for a week and won’t go away any time soon. So it’s all a bit grim really. There’s nothing grim about ‘Castles In The Snow’ though. It’s dark, perhaps even slightly disturbing with that heavy reverb working its magic below the 80s synth and the semi-fragile vocals but it’s not grim. Far from it. I think this is a lovely song, made for the winter in its theme and its design. Twin Shadow’s album is very back-to-the-80s but underneath it all is a thoroughly modern electronic record wanting to break free. It’s that conflict between new and old that creates the magic in ‘Castles In The Snow.’ Well, that’s what I think anyway. It makes going snow-blind just that little bit more bearable.


One Response to “Twin Shadow // Castles In The Snow”

  1. sayitwithmusic December 8, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    Such a cool sound. LOVE the 80s feel on this. Again, fab recomendation.

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