iTunes Single of the Week Review #13

29 Nov

It’s no surprise that there’s less love for Warpaint than me and many other critics/bloggers have given them. Their laid-back stoner rock isn’t for everyone, and definitely isn’t for anyone who believes a song should be structured perfectly, not sprawling and discontinuous like most of Warpaint’s output. However, ‘Undertow’ is undoubtedly one of Warpaint’s poppiest moments: it has a structure, it has a build up and a flourish at the end. It could even be their singalong moment. And I love it. It’s a perfectly pitched winter song for trudging around in the snow and drinking hot chocolate while looking out of the window semi-mournfully. Not as angry as ‘Shadows’, not as weird as ‘Billie Holliday’, this is Warpaint’s debut masterpiece. Savour it.

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