Florrie // Give Me Your Love

18 Nov

Pop music can be good y’know. It’s not all vacuous singing with auto-tune and some rubbish beats. Well, Florrie has the beats covered: for years she’s been a drummer and worked on numerous hits from Xenomania, that factory of impeccable pop tunes. Some were better than others though. If you pine for the days when pop was just that little bit more intelligent and, you know, you actually knew who was singing then you could do a heck of a lot worse than checking out Florrie’s debut EP “Introducing”. “Give Me Your Love” has a powerful piano line, stroming drums and the kind of fizz and pazazz that Kylie used to have before she went all strange and Scissor Sisters-esque. For a while now Robyn has been one of the sole keepers of the cred-pop palace but she might have to make room on the throne. Florrie is barging in with a helluva lot of attitude.


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