The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart // Heart In Your Heartbreak

14 Nov

Sometimes you hear a song, or a band, and it instantly places you somewhere. When I listen to “Heart In Your Heartbreak” I think of a fuzzy aftermath of a party, bathed in the orange light of dawn, bleary eyed, possibly from crying, and the crud that people have left in the New York apartment I own. It’s proabably something to do with the fact that this band are just effortless: they could’ve come out of any time and would still be completely “now”. They have that universal jangly guitar pop that puts these kind of images in your mind, and possibly a video that features wandering around in a dazed stupour.

It’s impossible not to listen to the semi-romantic lyrics of the song and the simple yet effective backing without falling in love. Something about the building anger of the guitars gives it that slight edge but the breathy vocals keeps this in the swooning ethereal heights of pop-rock perfection. And something about that sudden pause is just that little bit melancholic.

Disclaimer: as much as I’d like to say I do, I don’t own an apartment in New York.


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