Lykke Li // Get Some

13 Nov

On her 2008 debut album ‘Youth Novels’, Lykke Li placed herself as a childlike, vulnerable and altogether sweet popstrel, singing about the way in which she was hard-done by love. She played the victim in all of their lyrical relationships. Combined with her fragile voice, this enabled Lykke to make one of the most mysteriously enchanting records of the year.

‘Get Some’ is hardly vulnerable. Lykke has decided to control her own romantic destiny. Using a thunderous beat never once heard on her debut and a voice that is stronger and more controlled than her previous wisps, she forces out her somewhat shocking lyrics for all to hear: ‘Like a shotgun needs an outcome/ I’m a prostitute, you gonna get some.’ Lykke Li is hardly dirty though. Instead this is a confident, almost mesmerising transformation into a powerful songstress no longer damaged by men. She’s the one firmly in control now.

You can check out ‘Get Some’ below. The song is available as a free download from Lykke Li’s official site.


This article first appeared in Faux Magazine Online. And was written by me, naturally.


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