iTunes Single of the Week #9

22 Oct

I died a little bit when I saw that this week’s offering was from The Wanted. My heart sank further when I saw their album artwork. Then I started thinking about the amount of people outside my local HMV who were genuinely excited about seeing them in person. Shockingly high. Or they all could have been waiting for someone else and just decided to form a slightly ramshackle queue. In any case, they’re pretty popular. Probably not as popular as Bruno Mars, but they’ve still got a hit single under their belt. This isn’t a good start. The Wanted are basically a boy band let loose on guitars. Like a McFly or Busted with more members. Although actually I was surprised to find that they actually have more integrity than those examples; okay, they’re about as bland as water on a rice cracker but they’re certainly not offensive. So I actually quietly enjoyed “Made”. Not because I thought it was well executed and the best song ever (how can it be? It has the line “we were made for each other”) but because I thought this might be one of the rare popular songs I could actually endure listening to without feeling drained or stripped of dignity. Kudos to The Wanted!

Unfortunately I could only find this preview of the song… but it gives you a good idea of what the deal is. It doesn’t progress much from this:



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