The TV Week That Was #7

10 Oct

I had this small chat with someone the other day, concerning Sky’s lack of TV technical knowledge. I said that Sky were in the wrong, saying that Stargate Universe was a “brand new series”. Well, no, it’s not. Stargate Universe is an old series back for a second season so… They should have said “brand new season”.

Now that I’ve impressed you (or not) with my knowledge, I can start to talk about the brand new SEASON of House (Sky1). And it’s all about the dynamic duo of “Huddy” (for those of you not in the know, that’s the pairing-up of House and his level-headed boss Cuddy).

Well it had to happen didn’t it, just like Cameron and Chase. Oh wait. That ended in disaster. So did Foreman and Thirteen. Hmm, it doesn’t bode well for the currently loved-up couple, whose sick-day antics took up most of the first episode. Despite the lack of medical abominations it was full of laughs, from Cuddy saying that House’s improvised bath salts (listerine and shaving powder) was “burning my lady parts” to Wilson being stuck in a window after trying to break in.

The hospital team were also faced with a comically blissed-out neurosurgeon who liked to keep trying to take his clothes off. His shouting of “WOODSTOCK!!” while staggering down a hospital corridor with his scrubs around his ankles was a brilliant sight. Of course there was a serious side, but I guess we will just have to wait until tonight to see how that pans out.

So do you remember when I talked about Seven Days (C4) a few weeks back? Well I missed one episode. Oops. Now suddenly there’s never-before-seen people appearing everywhere, and lo and behold they’re just as boring as the people I do have the misfortune of remembering. Bummer.

I thought the interactivity element would have saved this dirge-fest but the characters spend less time reading comments and threads than they do moaning, having tiny conflicts and generally wandering around gormlessly going about their everyday lives. Since Round 2 was no better than Round 1, I think I’ll leave this one to die in the water.

Someone who isn’t planning to die anytime soon is 80-something inventor Dr. Nakamatsu, star of the strangely compelling oddball documentary The Invention of Dr. NakaMats (More4).

If anyone remembers me talking about The Winnebago Man a few weeks back then you’ll recall that I called it lovingly made and affectionate. Dr. NakaMats does pretty much the same thing, following the slightly grumpy control-freak around in the days leading up to his 80th birthday. He is left to talk about what he wants and to do what he likes, and it’s through this fly-on-the-wall style that we see some of the truly weird yet wonderful (and sometimes painfully funny) side of Japanese culture. An attempt to get a hotel room’s name changed leads to disaster while the good doctor isn’t impressed by the idea of a 50% off sale. It was all very sweet although had less of the feeling of part of the True Stories strand and more the feel of a Storyville or Cutting Edge. But I’ll give him credit for something: he tested one of his products (a startlingly funny and strange creation, so I won’t give it away) on ten thousand women. And if 63 women on a L’Oreal advert can’t be wrong, then having the support of ten thousand of them is surely a seal of quality. Kudos to you and your rigorous testing process Dr. NakaMats!

Finally – and this is more of a footnote – who caught this week’s episode of Mad Men (BBC4)? If you follow my tweets then you’ll already know how disgusted I was with Betty slapping Sally forcefully on the face, but more disturbing forces are rising: I think I’m actually warming a bit to Pete. I know, shocking isn’t it? Hated him in the first couple of seasons now suddenly he’s having a legitimate child and standing up to Roger because of his Lucky-Strike-syndrome and I think that he might redeem himself. But hopefully he’ll do something awful in the upcoming episode so that I can fall back into line with every other Mad Men lover and scowl whenever he comes on to screen because of what he did to Peggy (even though I don’t really like Peggy either).


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