iTunes Single of the Week Review #7

6 Oct

Sometimes a song just makes you want to ask “why”? Or “what”. “Why” did Dinosaur Pile-Up think it would be a good idea to call a song “My Rock’n’Roll”, the height of bad-rock cliches, and “what” were they playing at trying to be a weird hybrid of Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age? These questions and many more will infect your brain as you listen to this four-minute dirge-along that will impress fans of early 90s grunge bands, and infuriate anyone else. The singer tries too hard to be like a mashup of Josh Homme and Kurt Cobain, and the backing track is as their band name suggests: like a bunch of prehistoric animals bashing wildly and incohenrently on various instruments without a second thought to what it might sound like. I only give brownie points to this song because, as I’ve just said, the singer doesn’t do too bad a job of sounding like a classic 90s grunge frontman. But that’s all the good I can muster.


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