iTunes Single Of The Week Review #5

22 Sep

This song was a bit of a letdown. Having heard a lot about Tame Impala in the past I thought this effort would’ve been a bit more interesting. Sometimes iTunes makes non-singles available (which was the case with Everything Everything a couple of weeks back) but I learned that this was going to be a single, which disappointed me further. I guess fans of the Beatles will like this: it has that kind of hazy Revolver and White Album-esque quality to it but to be honest, the vocals aren’t as passionate as they could be and the song gets by on using the same melody all the way through. There’s a few interesting seconds near the end that break the mould. And to be fair, the way this song is produced is good, with that spiralling quality that I love so much. But that’s perhaps the only thing that drags this song to having a three-star rating. I just found this repetitive. But not in a good Daft Punk kind of way. More in a bad “I’m boooored” kind of way.

But I bet you disagree:


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