Aeroplane: We Can’t Fly

14 Sep

Huh? What’s with that title? It must be some kind of in-joke. Either that or Aeroplane are some of the most unconfident people ever. Oh, yeah. It must be the first answer.

Aeroplane want you to think that disco isn’t dead. And heck, if this is what new disco is going to sound like then bring it on: this track sounds like classic Grace Jones with a modern twist. No, no, not Hurricane, that album was completely different: I mean that it’s like “Island Life” with Ibiza-tinged sunglasses on. Oh God, not more sunny pop tunes I hear you say? Never fear. You’ll thank me for this when we’re being overwhelmed with either really rubbish winter weather or really rubbish bleak music that doesn’t speak to us. Dark is good, but let’s keep it sunny for now:


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