iTunes Single of the Week Review: 2

1 Sep

People love Everything Everything. Lots of them. Critics rave about them and their slightly jilted take on electro-pop. And for the most part, they could well be right: their singles are infectious and attention-grabbing. But, er, what happened here? “QWERTY Finger” starts promisingly but doesn’t quite make the grade. Everything Everything must have had the idea that they wanted to make a song in “parts” because if this wasn’t their intention, then this is about a bitty song as you’re ever going to get. It’s a shame really. Most critics are saying that there are some seriously disappointing elements to the band’s debut, and on the basis of this it’s not hard to see why. Brownie points for frontman Johnathan toning down the slightly grating-if-you-listen-too-long voice though.

Oh and sorry about this: I wanted to get the studio version of the track but couldn’t find one, so I had to settle for a live version. This was recorded at the London KOKO.


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