iTunes Single of The Week Review #1

25 Aug

So this is something I decided to do for a couple of reasons. The first is really, really obvious: all of iTunes’ singles of the week are free, so I’m not breaking the bank by doing this. Besides, if I really, really, like a track then I’ll feature it at a different time. Secondly, it gives me the opportunity to review some people who I might not normally have decided to review. Andreya Triana is exactly that kind of artist.

She’s listed as R’n’B/Soul and yes, she does have a soulful voice that at first sounds hauntingly like Roisin Murphy. But what I like about this song is that it’s a little bit different, using African-inspired percussion instruments and some strings to make a quietly ethereal and chilled-out track which is different to some of the other songs on her album. Actually, I liked the fact that it wasn’t hard to imagine Bat For Lashes singing this song. And that’s always a plus.

Tell me what you think!


One Response to “iTunes Single of The Week Review #1”

  1. sayitinasong August 29, 2010 at 6:52 am #

    Roisin Murphy is exactly right!!!Beautiful song.

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