Familiar Diet Tips…

15 Jul

I think everyone must go through a fat phase, and at that precise moment everyone will want to lose their fair share of the flab. But then you can get bombarded with messages about what is the best and most effective way to shed the pounds and keep them off.

Well the US Department of Agriculture has developed a plan to help us lose weight and profit from our sugar addictions at the same time. How, you ask? With five simple steps:

  1. Substitute tea and water for sweetened drinks
  2. Eat breakfast and include protein
  3. Read nutritional values on packaging
  4. Eat out less and plan ahead
  5. Stay physically active

Woo! Er, no, actually there’s only one of these diet tips that I’ve never heard before anywhere else… that’s the first one, which happens to be the one that helps the US profit from our sweet tooth. But then in a way this is also kind of obvious. You’ll get more energy from a smaller amount of sugary drink than you will from water, which has barely anything in there anyway (er, apart from H2 and O).

Isn’t it about time someone came up with a plan that wasn’t the extreme of “eat nothing but broccoli milkshakes” and the monotony of the usual government campaigns? Come on people, we need to focus and put some energy into thinking of a new fat-busting plan!


One Response to “Familiar Diet Tips…”

  1. Nicole July 17, 2010 at 6:38 am #

    i like your blog 🙂 keep it up. i have a blog on diet visit mine sometime

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