Demon’s Souls: Proves to be Challenging

12 Jul

Okay so at this point I should probably point out that I don’t own a Playstation 3, which isn’t any great loss in the most part but it’s killing me right now because it means I can’t get a hold of this amazing game that might finally take me up on the challenge of being something I can truly sink my teeth into.

So here’s the deal with Demon’s Souls: you get to customise your own character who will be plunged into a dark, Medieval-Europe-esque world. To fight for yor life. And that’s not exaggerating either: in this game it is likely that you will die and continue to die until you get better at the game or until you have collected enough souls to enable you to gain a teeny tiny attribute boost that could potentially make all the difference (or not, if that boost turns out to be horrifyingly miniscule). There are horrid traps and increasingly ruthless enemies around every corner, so you will eventually learn to become more aware of your surroundings, and eventually you’ll suspect every little shadow and slight movement, even the smallest of noises until you can deal with what you’re faced with.

The gameplay is non-linear so potentially you can do whatever you like but the purpose of your real mission is to defeat the boss of the demon’s souls in order to bring about peace to the land. So pretty standard fare…. but hey, if you believe that theory about there only being seven stories in the world anyway then everything is similar!

There’s also an online mode which is different to any other online mode you’ve probably played: from what I can gather you don’t run around together in big gangs like in other online gaming modes but other online players will leave little notes and hints around the place to warn you of impending danger (of which there is plenty).

My interest in this game, as you can probably tell, is that it will prove to be tear-your-hair-out-frustrating. Which is great. I love games where you hardly get any parameter boosts at all, because the idea that you can level up and get stronger really quickly leaves the system open for abuse: you could potentially just level up until the cows come home and then find that you can easily defeat every enemy really fast without breaking any sweat. This is different though. Demon’s Souls would require a lot of skill. It’s why I like Mirror’s Edge. Okay, Mirror’s Edge doesn’t take very long at all to complete but if you play on hard mode then you need to be highly skilled to stop yourself dying every two seconds (the enemies are twice as strong, your health is reduced a bit, never once do you get a boost, unless you count picking up the occasional gun – which restricts movement tenfold – as a boost). It was a genuine, nail-biting challenge.

So I hope they release the game on XBox 360 soon: I really want to give this a go and spend a long while trying to figure out how to stop myself from dying. It’ll be the best love-hate relationship ever.


One Response to “Demon’s Souls: Proves to be Challenging”

  1. nice homes July 18, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    I really want to give this a go and spend a long while trying to figure out how to stop myself from dying

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