Too Ga Ga For Gaga?

13 Jun

Ooh, come on, admit it to yourself: you like at least one Lady Gaga song. Seriously, you must do. She’s been like an earworm for two years, spwaning hit after hit in various tempos and you don’t like at least one song by her? You’re lying to yourself, methinks. Moi? I like “Paparazzi”: there’s something a bit sick about it that’s just great. Plus it’s got Aleksandr Skarsgard in the video, which is a bonus.

But have we gone a bit too gaga for Lady Gaga? “The Fame” was released in 2008 when it was a big hit. Okay, fine. It’s great if you can release a really popular album. But then last year she comes back with “The Fame Monster”. Come on, it was just “The Fame” with some extra songs tacked on. It spawned “Bad Romance”… Now she’s recently released another album. Except, we’re not treated to anything new, instead it’s just the same songs remixed. Beck did the same thing back in 2005 with his “Guerolito” album (which I recommend, since it has remixes by Adrock, Dizzee Rascal and Boards of Canada to name a few) and back in 1995 Bjork released “Telegram” with remixes of her “Post” album (which is also recommended: the remix of “You’ve Been Flirting Again” is touchingly brilliant) but come on, they were never going to get the blanket coverage that Lady Gaga can expect. I would blame her for being such a money-grabber but that would be unfair. Shame on you, record moguls!

So we’re showered with her records: I suppose if you’re a big fan then you’ll buy anything she releases. She is, whether you like it or not, the heiress to the Queen of Pop. She has successfully maintained her place in the limelight. And so it’s come to this: she had an episode of Glee dedicated to her. Now, I love Glee: for a High School comedy-drama it’s funny, sassy and has something for everyone. Oh but it was a disappointment that it included Gaga. The girls singing “Bad Romance” in outfits that were a homage to Gaga’s outrageous style was just the cherry on the cake for a short but glittering career. Okay, so Madonna got the same treatment but she’s a real icon and has been around the block. Gaga hasn’t.

I think what is infuriating is that Gaga’s popularity has overshadowed some other pop stars who are making all-round better music than her: Kelis made a great return to form with her latest album and while single “Acapella” did well, she isn’t anywhere near as lauded as Gaga. Now everyone has to catch up with her, since she’s raised the bar and shown everyone what a true popstar should be. But while I love the fact that she is unique (even if her musical style is far from it) this kind of blanket coverage is getting to be like erosion on sandstone: a bit much!


3 Responses to “Too Ga Ga For Gaga?”

  1. Heypepito June 15, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    With Lady Gaga i think it is interesting how she became a popstar instead of some other type of musician which would clearly earn much less. I have read and found that she graduated from juliard at 16 or something like that, is a classical pianist and got her big break because she was writting music for other pop stars. But when that behind her she surely could have made something much more “substantial” than pokerface.

    • scarletsculturegarden June 15, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

      I think she played a good game by being pop: if she hadn’t then she’d have been a musical oddity, although maybe some people would’ve preferred that!


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