Song Summoner Encore: Innovation!

7 Jun

Last year creators of Final Fantasy SquareEnix released Song Summoner Encore under the radar, and now I’ve got my mitts on it. It was a game specifically designed for the iPod. And it works like a dream!

Basically, five years have passed since Ziggy and his brother Zero escaped from the Empire. Zero was recaptured, Ziggy was saved by the tune master. In the present day Ziggy is given a conductor’s cube which allows him to make Tune Troopers and his search for his brother can begin.

This is where the innovation starts. You simply can’t play this game without having at least 20 songs on your iPod – characters are created by using the music you have. If you select a song, they will create a class, type, rank and status for your new battle creation – I thought I had the idea sussed but the way that the characters are created is completely random and you can’t get a brilliant character just by picking a song you’ve played to death. After this, the characters can rank up in two ways: you can advance their status from bronze to silver to gold to platinum by using crystals yuo get after battle or in the rehearsal room. You can also play their song to let them go up levels (up to 99). It all means a lot of hard work, but you’re rewarded to listening to music on your iPod. Neat, huh?

The graphics aren’t bad either. It’s not in the crisp league of some miniature games that Square have released, but the innovative play system more than makes up for some of the minor imperfections of the game. All in all, it’s a great play!


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