Whatever Happened To The New Sins?

29 May

A couple of years ago, when New Young Pony Club released their first record, I speculated that perhaps NYPC weren’t in it for the long run, that the band’s frontwoman Tahita Bulmer could forge a solo career etc. Most of this speculation was because keyboardist Lou Hayter had formed The New Sins just a month or two after NYPC released their debut record “Fantastic Playroom” (which in turn was nominated for the Mercury Prize and was critically acclaimed).

The New Sins followed in a similar path to NYPC’s first effort, very restrained with an 80s vibe and an effortless cool that can’t be beaten. They released an EP (or a couple of singles, I can’t really remember which), and this spawned their best song “Feelings Have Changed”, a slinky, 3-minute-long grower that was both accessible and chic. They also had a number of songs on their MySpace page and looked set to break through when they were featured in the likes of the NME.

Three years down the line, NYPC have released their second (and in my opinion superior) album “The Optimist” and The New Sins have faded into obscurity. Many people are able to manage many bands at one time (just look at Josh Homme, in three hard rock bands – Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Eagles of Death Metal – and still going strong) but maybe Lou thought it was just a bit much for her, or saw the potential of NYPC more than her spin-off band. Still, it would have been nice to have had a few more airy, slinky pop songs from The New Sins before that happened. Ho hum, here’s their best song:


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