Futurama Returning To Our Screens!

28 May

I think this image just sums up how I feel about this:

No, don’t look at Bender and his couldn’t care less pose – look at the others and how happy they are! Yay! I actually think it was terrible that Futurama was axed in the first place. The show never dipped in quality. If anything, the show actually grew in strength throughout its original four series on the air, from its short but sweet first season where the characters established themselves, to the more zany second season with evil twins, two heads and a cyclops race, to season three (in my opinion the best) with Bender being a folk musician with Beck, Leela as the worst blurnsball player of all time, the men falling victim to a race of amazonian women, and Bender’s amazing funeral sequence (more on that a little later). Then there was season four, which explored Bender’s sex change, Leela hallucinating from a bee sting, the long-awaited reappearance from the Robot Devil and a Star Trek-crazed energy gas.

Of course, as I’ve stated before, the best sequence in the whole four series comes from “A Pharoah to Remember”. It’s the funniest episode of the series, and boasts a hundred feet tall statue of pharoah Bender, shooting fire from its eyes. The group try to show Bender that he will be remembered when he shuts down, by staging a fake funeral, but it goes badly when no-one can say anything about how great he is. This spawned the, in my eyes immortal, line “You’ve proven to me that life is worth living, by showing me how bad my funeral will suck!”

The show was given four feature-length episodes over the course of two years but although they had funny moments, they never quite captured the glory days of the series. That’s why I’m really glad they’ve decided to bring the show back, as the idea fits the format of half-hour episodes really well.

Here’s hoping that it will fulfill my expectations. For now though I’ll leave you with…. the Hypno-Toad…. glory to the Hypno-Toad (seriously, you’ll get it when you watch the clip!):


One Response to “Futurama Returning To Our Screens!”

  1. Pie June 1, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    All glory to the Hypno-Toad… lol!

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