FOTC Man Given Big Movie Role?

20 May

Okay I so literally just found this out but it was so mad (in my mind at least) that I just had to post something about it! I posted a few days ago (Sunday?) about Flight of the Conchords and it turns out that Jemaine Clement, he of the glasses in the band, is going to play an alien named Yaz in “Men In Black 3”.

So to go from fictional rags to riches…. impressive. But still, is anyone out there who’s like me and is scratching their head a little. Yaz, the alien thingy that Jemaine will play, is described as a “super-villain” but I don’t think I could take a super-villain played by a guy whose best-known character is daft, naive and childlike. Basically he’s going from this:

To this:

So two sci-fi themes, one large step for Clement kind. The script for the third installment of the Men In Black series is written by Etan Cohen, the guy who wrote the sometimes hilarious script to Tropic Thunder (it wasn’t always as funny as it thought it was, but when it was, it was side-splitting). Very little is known about the movie other than this, that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will both be in it and that they travel back in time for some reason and meet Kay’s younger form which might just be played by Josh Brolin. There, that’s all we know at the minute. Oh, and it’s going to be filmed in 3D, so alien guts are going to come at us.

I think I might just stick to my cardboard robot costume and pretend to be Daft Punk instead. It was funnier that way.


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