The Dead Weather: Die By The Drop

4 May

I could have easily named this post “Alison Mosshart News” but I won’t. Although Mosshart exudes all kinds of cool that mere mortals like me could never achieve, I’m trying to focus on The Dead Weather as a band: so that’s her on lead vocals, Jack White on drums and other vocal duties and the man I’ve dubbed “Jack the Lesser” from The Raconteurs and The Greenhorns. Together they fill an odd void between all of their respective bands, and it’s not bad! It takes a while to get into them (they’ll release their second album “Sea of Cowards” soon and I still haven’t quite twigged on fully) but I’m sure if you’re into dark, bluesy tinged rock then this is for you:

I realise this has completely blown my idea that I would only feature summery songs this week out of the water but hey, it’s worth it!

In other Mosshart news, The Kills say that their latest record is “three-quarters of the way there”. Well, let’s just hope its as good as the wonderful noise-fest that was 2008’s “Midnight Boom”!


One Response to “The Dead Weather: Die By The Drop”

  1. Pie May 8, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    I LOVE that one.

    I’m collecting these tunes you’re dropping and popping them in a Spotify playlist – if it has them. It’s a great music resource, but it doesn’t have everything.

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