30 Rock Season 4: Let the Hilarity Commence!

2 May

Last week the first episode of the hilarious fourth series of 30 Rock started and it hasn’t lost any of its charm and sparkle: actually, I think it might have gained a little something. Already this season we’ve seen less popular-culture gags and more focus on the characters (Kenneth not wanting to be a liar, Liz coping with the fact that she’s a rude New-Yorker…) That’s always good of course: characters who were pushed into the background in Series 3 and pretty much only had the odd cemeo appearance are given the major roles they once had.

Of course, we still get a lot of the strange Tracy Jordan (an alias of Tracy Morgan. I say alias because he’s pretty much just playing himself but with a different name), the one-liners of Liz (the ever-funny Tina Fey) and the unashamed, uncaring businesslike mannerisms of Jack (Alec Baldwin, who sparkles in the role. No wonder he’s won so many Emmys).

After seeing the first two episodes (I still have the third one taped) I can safely say that it could be a bonanza season for a show that’s never really dipped in form at any time: the ongoing storyline of trying to get a new cast member should prove to be comedy gold.

If you haven’t already seen it, then check it out: hopefully you won’t be disappointed!


One Response to “30 Rock Season 4: Let the Hilarity Commence!”

  1. Pie May 8, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    I’ve seen the odd show and I like it. Because I have Freeview I don’t have easy access. They did show it on five and/or five USA at one time, but I’ve not seen it since.

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