The Shins: Phantom Limb + Sea Legs

24 Apr

Two oldies but goodies from a band who I don’t actually like that much but who have made two songs that really stick with me – not entirely sure why but there’s something about both “Phantom Limb” and “Sea Legs” that are real growers. Shins fans will probably say, “All their output is great, how dare you suggest that these are the only two good songs” but then again, I’m probably saying that to everyone who doesn’t really like, oh I don’t know, Siouxsie and the Banshees or PJ Harvey or someone like that. But I just thought I’d share the fact that The Shins have had some impact on my music library even though I’m very miffed with iTunes at the minute – they won’t let me have “Phantom Limb” for free on my laptop (which is where I’ve got my major music collection you see) even though I bought it on a different computer.

Ahem, I’m rambling. Hope you like both of the tracks, if you do they’re from a 2007 album called “Wincing The Night Away” and feature side by side there too. You should also like the fact that Kevin Spacey plays on “Phantom Limb”…. Er, no, okay I lied, it’s actually James Mercer looking very, very much like Spacey. You’ll know what I mean!


One Response to “The Shins: Phantom Limb + Sea Legs”

  1. The Disappeared May 1, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    You’re right, the Shins are a great band. Good tunes, lyrics are a bit quirky in a intriguing way.
    I often think that they’re the closest thing that America ever got to producing its own version of the Smiths.

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