More Portable Fun

19 Apr

Well I know what you must be thinking: does she work for Apple? Well, er, no, the reason I post a lot about iPod games is because they’re cheap, fun and you can take them anywhere. And there’s a lot more quality going on in the portable gaming world right now than there is anywhere else right now! Today I’m focusing on 3 releases. First of all, it’s The Sims 3: World Advenures (top left). This game promised a lot. The original Sims app was a little tedious after a while and there wasn’t the vision and scale that had been shown in the full Sims games. Imagine gamers’ disappointment! Here, EA have added on the travel feature where you go abroad, explore, meet mummies, take tours, barter, buy exotic recipes and meet foreign sims. There’s also more furniture, the car emporium and more job opportunities than in the original game. But there’s still not enough furniture, it’s too easy to keep your sim happy and there aren’t enough goals. And there’s still no kids! Still, a really good improvement on the first!

Next up, another sequel: Zenonia 2. The first was challenging, had a gripping storyline and could have easily challenged the original Zelda games. In this installment, we get to choose who we play as, the menu and weight system is easier to manage, there are more difficulty modes, more quests and a story that, while conventional, is still brilliant. The graphics are also great (er, it’s supposed to be top right, although that’s actually Zenonia 1, but the graphics are very similar) – my only beef with this game is that combat, while simple in the sense that you only have to bash the one button repeatedly, is a bit difficult in the sense that it’s difficult to run away and more often than not attacks miss. Still, maybe that’s the beauty of a brilliant RPG that won’t disappoint you. Well worth a couple of quid.

Finally, an old classic has come to iPod. Yes, it’s Rayman 2! I was surprised that the second, 3D installment was chosen to be transferred over the very challenging and graphically gorgeous original Rayman game, but perhaps the lush Dream Forest and the surreal Band Land were too much for one iPod. Now, some of the controls take some getting used to on this game (the lock on feature is particularly troublesome, even for an experienced gamer like me who is well acquainted with Rayman) but it’s worth it just for the thrill of playing a challenging, beautiful and time-consuming platformer. Because of course, very few platformers are any of those things. Bravo Rayman, you’ve done it again! Now bring on the original!!


One Response to “More Portable Fun”

  1. suyeonb13 April 21, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    Sims on iPod!? Whoa… I have got to check that out! I used to play sims when I was really little… I kind of miss it now that you bring it up.

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