Foals: Spanish Sahara

31 Mar

Well well well… When Foals first emerged, they came out alongside the new wave of “rave” bands like Klaxons and NYPC who shook up the indie scene and got us all back into electro. They were math-rock, measured, clever boys who were in your face and entirely danceable. Then they went to record their second album in a cave. And this is one of the results. “Spanish Sahara” is long, builds incredibly slowly from a very downbeat mood with only a single drum, a simple chord and frontman Yannis singing before getting faster and building into a burst of brilliance. In my opinion this overshadows everything they’ve done before, but maybe fans of their more immediate works won’t agree. Please, scrutinise:


One Response to “Foals: Spanish Sahara”

  1. meowsssss April 20, 2010 at 2:26 am #

    hey, thanks for sharing. i’ve never really checked them out before this although been hearing they’re somewhat the new coldplay. in my opinion they’re so much better and this song… love it! i like the way he sounds during the build up! so much emotion & sexy 🙂

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