FF + iPod = Hours of Amazingness

16 Mar

About two weeks ago SquareEnix – the company behind the Final Fantasy series – made the first two games in the franchise available to buy in the iTunes store. This prompted a lot of comments like “I had no idea these were coming to iPod” and “this is the best game I’ve ever bought for my iPod”. It also had some angry, rather ungrateful people saying “£5.49? What a rip off!” Well, consider that these games take hours – possibly 50+ hours – to complete, and then think about the amount of time it takes to complete any other games on the store. I think that might just be value for money, if you stick with it.

Anyways, it was a pleasant surprise: I bought them as soon as I could get my hands on a gift card (hey, you wouldn’t dare let me loose on there, would you?) and neither of them have been a disappointment. Some people have complained about the controls but I think they’re seamless – my only criticism is that some people might find the battle and menu text a little too small but it’s definitely not unreadable. The improved save feature lets you save your progress whenever, wherever (except in battle) so you could even just have a quick battle or two when waiting somewhere and not lose any data. This is definitely not coming off my App List for a loooong time.


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