Classic Games For iPod Touch

2 Mar

Some classic games have been added to the iTunes store that allow you to re-experience some old, forgotten, but much-loved games on your iPod Touch or iPhone. These are my personal favourites:

Beneath a Steel Sky

 Beneath A Steel Sky has been remastered specifically for the iPhone. For those of you who don’t remember it, Steel Sky was a dark, slyly humourous adventure-puzzle game that saw you take control of Robert Foster as he attempts to escape a futuristic city. It as fiendish puzzles, numerous characters and enough twists and turns to keep you hooked (that is, if you don’t have a short attention span). My favourite character is Joey, Robert’s robot pal who comes out with phrases such as “Are you kidding? It’s the mutt’s nuts!” He provides the comic relief. Highly recommended!

The Secret of Monkey Island: SE

Another adventure-puzzle game that has thankfully been brought back to life – here we’re in the shoes of Guybrush Threepwood as he travels around Melee Island and Monkey Island to save governess Elaine Marley and become a pirate. It’s much more comic tale in comparison to Steel Sky and the graphics and sound have been upgraded for the iPhone. This game is recommended for those who are new to the genre, since it has hints and also has a good interface. It’s good for people with short attention spans too since there’s always something going on. A real blast form the past that’s welcome!

Broken Sword: Remastered

A triumph in the adventure-puzzle genre, Broken Sword has a similar feel to Steel Sky. It’s more serious and deals in adult humour (examine certain objects and you’ll get some strange, hilarious comments from the heroes). This one is more expansive and takes longer than Steel Sky so it’ll really take a lot to get through the game – that is, if you don’t resort to using the hint system first! Broken Sword has wonderful graphics and voice-overs as well as some very atmospheric music. My only problem with this game is that you just wish the characters would walk a bit faster – they’re trying to uncover mysteries and solve a murder, so you’d think they’d be in more of a hurry!

Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2

Okay, so I have a lot of advernture-puzzle games on here but so what? They’re my favourite type of genre! Simon the Sorcerer was such a classic that there was a whole franchise and these two introduce the concept brilliantly. Spotting all of the fairy-tale references in Simon 1 is satisfying in itself (a protesting troll? Genius) and Simon 2 has enough silly laughs that it lives up to the wonders of the first. Oh, and if you are wondering why I like these kind of games on my iPod, it’s because they’re really easy to use in comparison to other games!


Finally, we have Pandemonium, a classic platformer that delivers on all levels. Unlike many platform games on the iPhone it’s very easy to use (which could be down to the size of the buttons). The graphics are exactly the same as they were on the PlayStation only now there are different difficulty levels to choose from (which means you could start the game with only one heart if you’re foolish enough to try extreme!) My only criticism of this game is that the music is repetitive – instead of playing the whole song tha was featured on the PlayStation we just get excerpts of the music on a loop. Update needed here, methinks!



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