Beige: Not The New Black?

27 Feb

Nude is back. Luckily this is nude shades and not the other more chilly kind. Nude can be described in many different ways: tan, sand, stone, camel, skin-tone, magnolia and, of course, beige. Yes, beige. How would’ve thought it? It’s certainly not vibrant and it’s certainly not, as they say in the fashion world, “editorial” (this means completely bonkers, in case you were wondering). It’s really rather safe, as you can see above.

But “safe” does not necessarily translate in to meaning “wearable”. Think about it: despite the many shades of beige that are on display above, the only model who doesn’t look washed-out is the one second to the left. Now, models are classically a lot paler than average people because it’s easier to work with a blank canvas, so you might say “so what?” Well, I think that beige will have the same problem as yellow – unless you’ve had more UV exposure than recommended, it’s just going to make you look sallow and strange.

Beige trousers may be your best bet if you want to follow this trend – teaming it with something more colourful on the top will help to balance your complexion and not make you look like a ghost walking down the high-street. Unfortunately, I’m probably too pale to do this too! Shock!
Beige will not be the new black – everyone feels good in black, and anyone who says they don’t must be lying so they don’t look like they’re following the crowd. Even pale little old me feels good in my black cocktail dress, whereas I’d just feel bare and need a bottle of fake tan to make me feel even half as good in beige, or magnolia, or sandstone.

Decide for yourself whether this trend is the best thing to ever happen: I know a lot of people hate bright colours with a vengeance so no doubt there’ll be loads of peeps out there who’ll feel comfortable wearing sand-coloured clothes. Just don’t expect to see me stepping out in beige.


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